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Tool Introduction

How to make favicon.ico

1. Click "Upload Image" to upload your image

2. Click "-" or "+" to adjust the size of the picture

3. Click "Crop" to generate a 16*16 pixel or 32*32 pixel or 48*48 pixel rendering with one click

4. Congratulations, you can now view the display effect of the icon in the address bar at the top of this webpage

Description of favicon.ico

The so-called favicon is the abbreviation of Favorites Icon. As the name suggests, it allows the browser's favorites to not only display the corresponding title, but also to distinguish different websites in the form of icons. Of course, this is not all about the favicon, the favicon is displayed differently depending on the browser: in most major browsers such as FireFox and Internet Explorer (version 5.5 and above), the favicon is displayed not only in favorites, but also in It will appear on the address bar at the same time. At this time, the user can drag the favicon to the desktop to create a shortcut to the website; in addition, the tabbed browser even has many extended functions, such as FireFox and even supports favicon in animation format. Wait.

How to call favicon.ico?

Add the following code between the head and /head of the webpage program code:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico"/>
<link rel="bookmark" href="/favicon.ico"/>